Montreal is celebrated for its lively cultural landscape and continuous festivals, providing an energetic lifestyle. Yet, similar to numerous large cities worldwide, it is facing escalating rental costs. As of November 2023, the average rental price in Montreal climbed to $1,900, representing a 12% rise from the prior year. This increase highlights a significant affordability gap when compared to Laval, its neighboring city, where the cost of living is notably more budget-friendly.

Exploring Montreal’s Rental Market

As of November 2023, the situation with rent in Montreal is as follows:

  • Single-Bedroom Apartments: The average rent for a nice one-bedroom apartment in Montreal is $1,759, up by 12% from last year. Solo dwellers need to strategize their budgets accordingly.
  • Two-Bedroom Apartments: For those needing extra space or considering a roommate, the average rent for two-bedroom apartments is $2,334, also up by 12%. It’s essential to plan finances for a comfortable living situation.
  • Three-Bedroom Apartments: Families or those desiring more space face an average rent of $3,041 for three-bedroom apartments, a significant 17% increase. The trend of rising costs for larger spaces is evident in Montreal’s evolving rental market.


Looking Ahead to 2024 in Montreal

The forecast for 2024 anticipates steady, albeit slow, economic growth, with expectations of an upturn later in the year. Adopting a positive yet cautious approach and careful planning is advisable for those contemplating renting in Montreal.

While Montreal continues to offer its unique charm and vibrancy, those seeking a more affordable living option with ample space might consider Laval. Renting in Laval is significantly less expensive than in Montreal, providing more living space for less money, and making it an attractive alternative for budget-conscious individuals looking for quality living without the hefty price tag.