Ready to Move? Let’s Master the Art of Packing with Déménagement Laval et Rive Nord!

Moving day is approaching, and you’ve already scheduled the movers and transportation. Now comes the pivotal task: packing. This might seem straightforward, but it’s a critical step that ensures the safety and efficient handling of your belongings. At Déménagement Laval et Rive Nord, we leverage our extensive experience and advanced packing techniques to offer you a comprehensive guide on making your move as smooth as possible.

Selecting Superior Packing Materials

Your first step is choosing the right packing materials. Quality matters here; substandard or inappropriate materials can compromise the safety of your items.

  • Opt for Specialized Boxes: We recommend sturdy, multi-layer corrugated cardboard boxes. These often come with designated areas for labeling, making your life easier.
  • Diversify Your Materials: Variety is key. Stock up on various sizes of moving boxes, packing tapes, stretch films, wardrobe boxes for clothes, bubble wrap, and protective corners.

Efficient Box Labeling

Labeling is a game-changer for unpacking in your new home.

  • Do-It-Yourself Marking: If your boxes lack pre-marked areas, take the time to label them clearly. Detail the contents by room, furniture, item type, and owner.
  • Color Coding: Consider using different colored tapes or markers for each room for instant recognition.
  • Fragile Items: Mark boxes containing breakable items with “Fragile” or use recognizable symbols.



Comment préparer rapidement et correctement les boîtes pour le déménagement


Creating an Inventory

Never underestimate the power of a detailed list! Make a numbered inventory of all boxes, with a brief description of their contents. This is invaluable for tracking during the move and saves time when searching for specific items later.

Packing Strategies

Now, let’s pack:

  • Mind the Weight: Avoid overloading boxes. Heavier items should go at the bottom, lighter ones on top.
  • Box Selection: Use medium-sized boxes for lighter, bulkier items (clothing, bedding, toys), and smaller boxes for heavier items (books, dishes).
  • Special Care for Fragile Items: Wrap these in bubble wrap, securing with tape, and place them carefully in boxes.
  • Plants and Delicate Items: Use packing paper to fill gaps and ensure a stable temperature during transit.

Furniture Preparation

  • Disassemble What You Can: Label each part and secure small fittings to the main piece. Protect with stretch film or bubble wrap.
  • Wrap Non-Disassemblable Furniture: Use film for protection against moisture and dust, reinforcing corners where necessary.

Safeguarding Appliances

  • Electronics: Cover TVs and monitors with bubble wrap and corrugated cardboard, reinforcing corners. Place an extra cardboard sheet in front of screens.
  • Refrigerators: Defrost in advance, secure the doors, and transport upright.
  • Small Appliances: Wrap in bubble wrap and pack snugly in boxes.

We’re Here to Help!

Packing can be demanding, but it’s manageable with the right approach. If you’re moving to Laval, North Shore, Montreal, or West Island and prefer professional assistance, Déménagement Laval et Rive Nord is at your service. We’ll estimate, deliver, pack, label, load, and even help with unpacking and arrangement at your new home. Experience our all-inclusive service for a stress-free move!