The best way to make the move go smoothly is to be prepared. Turn this challenging day into a productive one with these tips that will help you work efficiently and enjoy your new home as soon as possible. To optimize preparation for your next move.

Here are 5 tips from our experts.

#1. Have all the necessary materials for the move:
A move starts with packing, but this section can be the most frustrating if you’re not properly prepared. Before you begin, make sure you have all the essential moving equipment on hand. This includes various-sized containers, cardboard boxes and/or plastic bins, box stickers and a black marker pen, tape and a tape dispenser, shock wrap (bubble wrap, newspaper, packing paper, etc.), scissors and/or a knife tool, Ziploc-type pockets for nuts and screws, and tools for disassembling large items.

#2. Prepare your move.
It is important to take the time to prepare and organize your move. A move must be organized, especially not the day before or the day of! Even though we prepare several days before the move, it only takes one day to do it. Therefore, it is important to prepare boxes a few months in advance. It is also important to choose each type of box for each item to be packed. Select boxes carefully and choose sturdy boxes of the same size. This is an effective idea when loading and unloading boxes to maximize the efficiency of the move.



#3. A few changes before you leave.
1 month before your moving day, don’t forget to make some personal changes. It is very important to think about making your change of address with the administrations that have your current address (government, telephone company, bank, etc.). Also think about transferring or canceling your different contracts (electricity, gas, water, internet, home insurance…) so that you don’t continue to pay for a home in which you no longer reside, and so that you can take advantage of it from the day you move in.

#4. Choose your moving date carefully.
Before setting your moving date, keep in mind that moving companies in Laval and on the North Shore are very busy during the summer, specifically between May 15 and July 15. Try to avoid July 1st (moving day), whether it is for a commercial or residential move.

#5. Choose the right professionals for your move.
For peace of mind and to be reassured that your belongings will arrive safely and in good condition, you can deal with professional movers like Déménagement Laval. This can be an advantageous option, especially if you have heavy items such as appliances to transport. Déménagement Laval et Rive Nord is the source when it comes to handling your belongings with great care, using the best type of moving tools and techniques.

Plan and put these 5 tips into practice and you’ll be able to move quickly and smoothly into your new home. Contact Déménagement Laval to get started on your moving project today!